EXPERT LINE® Professional Gun Foam 65

EXPERT LINE professional gun foam 65
One component polyurethane gun foam designed for mounting, sealing and soundproofing applications for professional installation teams.

Winter version available!

Available capacity: 750 ml

  • mounting, sealing and bonding window and door frames
  • thermal insulation of water, sewage and central heating systems
  • fastening and insulating wall panels, corrugated sheet, roof tiles, etc.
  • thermal insulation of roofs and roof-ceilings
  • crack filling in building thermal insulation and frame constructions
  • fastening stairs, window sills and other finishing materials
Product features:
  • exceptionally high yield - up to 65 litres out of one can
  • perfect thermal insulation and soundproofing parameters
  • regular consistence, elastic, waterproof, thermal resistance, and exceptional size stability
  • cures when exposed to air moisture
  • high mechanical strength and perfect adhesion to typical construction materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, wood, metals, foamed polystyrene, hard PVC and rigid PUR foams.
  • ensures stability and elasticity of mounted elements
  • resistant to mould and funghi
Directions for use:
  • Clean and degrease the working substrate.
  • Before use, make sure that the can temperature is above zero (optimum temperature +20°C).
  • Shake the can well (for about 30 sec.) in order to mix all the components thoroughly.
  • Attach the applicator to the can and when applying hold the can upside down.
  • Apply the foam from the bottom to the top of the gap.
  • The crack should be filled up to 60% of its depth, maximum 5cm per layer. If the depth of the layer exceeds 5 cm a few layers should be applied.
  • After application each layer should be dampened with water by means of e.g. a sprayer.
  • After curing, remove excess mechanically (e.g. with a knife).
  • After foam is fully cured, protect it against UV radiation using e.g. plaster or paint.
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Capacity Packaging type Bulk packaging Number of pieces
on a pallet
750 ml Can Cardboard box 12 pcs 768 pcs