EXPERT LINE® Neutral Silicone

EXPERT LINE Neutral Silicone
One component elastic neutral cure sealant.

Available colours:
  • white
  • clear
  • recommended for all purpose mounting and repair works
  • for glued mirrors (including mosaic mirrors) and fittings
  • perfect adhesion to most common materials such as raw wood, glass, glazed tiles, brick, concrete, cement mortar, laminated materials and many non-elastic plastics
  • for popular materials such as aluminium, steel, painted metals, granite and other stones as well as plastics
Product features:
  • cures with atmospheric moisture to form highly durable and permanently elastic seal which exhibits very good adhesion to most construction materials and substrates
  • the seal is durable, fully resistant to changeable weather conditions and UV radiation
  • does not cause corrosion of metals, brass, steel, zinc coated sheet
  • requires a gun
Directions for use:
  • insert the cartridge into the gun
  • control the sealant flow by putting different pressure on the metal gun handle
  • working substrate should be clean, dust, grease, lubricant and rust- free as well as free from other substances that can reduce bonding strength,
  • the sealant may be formed with a putty knife wetted with water in order to wet the silicone
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Capacity Packaging type Bulk packaging Number of pieces
on a pallet
300 ml Can Cardboard box 15 pcs 1260 pcs