EXPERT LINE® High Temperature Silicone

EXPERT LINE High Temperature Silicone
One component highly elastic silicone sealant with low shrinkability. It cures with atmospheric moisture, is resistant to various weather conditions and UV radiation. Designed to seal and bond areas constantly exposed to high temperatures of up to +250°C (periodically up to +300°C). Requires an applicator gun.

Available colours:
  • red
  • designed to use in heating installations.
  • recommended for sealing and bonding areas constantly exposed to high temperatures of up to +250°C (periodically of up to + 300°C), i.e. furnaces, fire places, furnace doors and finishing works in both home fire places and industrial furnaces.
  • as sealing putty for motor industry applications e.g. instead of gaskets or for sealing electric and combustion motor parts as well as other machines and installations e.g. pumps, filters and solar energy collectors.
  • recommended for using on such substrates as ceramics, steel (black, galvanized, stainless), aluminium, coated sheets, glass as well as enameled, varnished and glazed substrates, epoxide and polyester panels as well as impregnated wood.
Product features:
  • resistant to changeable weather conditions and UV radiation
  • exhibits very good adhesion regardless of the surface shape or texture.
Directions for use:
  • insert the cartridge into the gun
  • control the sealant flow by putting different pressure on the metal gun handle
  • working substrate should be clean, dust, grease, lubricant and rust- free as well as free from other substances that can reduce bonding strength,
  • the sealant may be formed with a putty knife wetted with water in order to wet the silicone.
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Capacity Packaging type Bulk packaging Number of pieces
on a pallet
300 ml Can Cardboard box 15 pcs 1260 pcs