EXPERT LINE® Roof Sealant

EXPERT LINEx Roof Sealant
A semi-thick asphalt and coutchouc seal compound exhibiting very good adhesion to bituminous, concrete and stone substrates, as well as metal, wood, glass and paint coating.

Available colours:
  • black
  • designed to fix and seal flashing around chimneys, fire walls and roof edges as well as to repair bituminous roof coverings,
  • recommended to seal elements of roof, terrace, chimney and hatch sheet-metal work as well as roof window and skylight flanges, joints between corrugated and trapeze sheets and also joints between elements of a building foundation and cellar walls
  • it may be covered with available paints and varnish.
Product features:
  • very good adhesion to bituminous, concrete and stone substrates as well as metal, wood, glass and paint coats,
  • uncured sealant is freezeproof,
  • does not flow off vertical cracks at the temperature of +80°C,
  • it is permanently plastic and its working consistency enables mechanic application,
  • it is waterproof and resistant to changeable weather conditions,
Directions for use:
  • the surfaces should be clean, dry as well as dust, grease and lubricant free,
  • the joints should comply with DIN standard 18540 and be filled with PE rope.
  • before use, the product should be kept in a room temperature for 24 hours,
  • directly before use, moist smooth surfaces and dry rough surfaces,
  • smooth the sealant with a putty knife wetted with water,
  • after use, wipe the tools with a paper towel and clean using solvent,
  • The seal may turn yellow after long exposure to water, however it does not affect the seal quality.
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Capacity Packaging type Bulk packaging Number of pieces
on a pallet
300 ml Can Cardboard box 15 pcs 1260 pcs