If you are interested in aerosol filling services, please contact us on the telephone numbers given below or by e-mail.

Sylwia Kost

Sales Specialist

tel.: 32 / 324 00 66
kom.: 693 339 305

Aerosol filling services

Rytm-L is the most modern aerosol producer in Europe. The plant is localized in Katowice Special Economic Zone in Tychy.

We focus our activity primarily on quality, which is why at the very beginning of our production activity we implemented Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000.

We can take care of our customer's needs at every stage of the product creation. We offer the possibility to manufacture products under the Customer's brand name as well as aerosol filling services.

We are able to manufacture every product in an aerosol form, and we especially specialize in producing the following type of goods:
  • building,
  • motorization,
  • household chemistry,
  • wide range of technical goods.
We offer service and technological consulting services starting from the design and ending at ready-to-use product logistics. We recommend our computer graphic designer who will be happy to design the packaging according to all legal requirements and Customer's expectations. We are open to all forms of cooperation including aerosol filling when some or all the components are supplied by the Customer.

Since we use modern and environmentally safe propellants we are able to manufacture world class products. We use pure alcohol to produce cosmetics and gas which is neutral to humans in pharmacy.

Advanced technology and most modern recipes allow us to manufacture top quality products which fulfill high European standards and requirements. As we use modern production technologies we can gradually reduce costs and consequently keep competitive prices. Our products are the result of intensive scientific and research works of highly qualified specialists, which are based on mutual cooperation and exchange of experience.

We treat our Customers' requirements in a highly individual way and therefore if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need and to prepare a customized offer for you.